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National Children's Day: Charities to Donate to,
History and Facts About Day to Celebrate Future Generations

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We must make children our priority by David McGrath

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2022 proclamation(s):
Batavia Mayor Jeff Schielke's 2022 Proclamation
Illinois Governor JB Pritzker 2022 Proclamation

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“Children’s Day” during a pandemic crisis - 06/07/21

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“Children’s Day” during a pandemic - 06/08/20

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Reminder: Every day is not “Children’s Day” - 05/29/19

2020 proclamation:
Batavia Mayor Jeff Schielke's 2020 Proclamation

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Every day is not “Children’s Day” - 05/11/18
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2018 proclamation(s):
Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's 2018 Proclamation
Batavia Mayor Jeff Schielke's 2018 Proclamation
Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin's 2018 Proclamation
Yorkville Mayor Gary Golinski's 2018 Proclamation

From National Foundation for Women Legislators - June 10
Help NFWL Raise Awareness of Human Trafficking on National Children's Day.

From Washington Post - Esther J. Cepeda
When will America stop hurting children? - May 30, 2018

From Mother Nature Network - 04/27/17
Why doesn't the U.S. have a Children's Day?

Little Rock, AR... Coming June 9-11
Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Community Basketball Tournament

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Nation Prepares for “Children’s Day” Coming Next Sunday - 06/02/17
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Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin's 2017 Proclamation
Batavia Mayor Jeff Schielke's 2017 Proclamation
Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's 2017 Proclamation

2016 proclamation(s):
Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's 2016 Proclamation
Mayor Tom Weisner of Aurora, Illinois
Mayor Jeff Schielke of Batavia, Illinois

2016 news release(s):
Churches and Denominations Support Children’s Day - 06/08/16
With Mother’s Day a few days away… Why not Children’s Day - 05/04/16

Reminder: Alaska sets date into law... 2015 Press Release
Note...Illinois (2010) and Massachusetts have statues for the day.

(06/02/15) from the Los Angeles Times: In Theory: What do you think of National Children’s Day?

Alaska to establish Children’s Day
(04/22/15) Legislature Makes Second Sunday in June Children’s Day in Alaska

View 2015 proclamations:
Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's 2015 Proclamation (Sorry for the delay... coming soon!)
New!! Mayor Tom Weisner of Aurora, Illinois
Mayor Jeff Schielke of Batavia, Illinois

View 2015 legislation:
New!! Alaska legislation setting Children’s Day as Second Sunday in June

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Nation Prepares for Children’s Day on Sunday - 06/11/15
Churches and Denominations Support Children’s Day - 06/04/15
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View 2014 proclamations:
Illinois Governor Pat Quinn again proclaims June 8 Children’s Day
as does
Mayor Tom Weisner of Aurora, Illinois &
Mayor Jeff Schielke of Batavia, Illinois

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Letters to the Editor
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Commentary from Rev. Dr. Lillian Capehart: Pray for our children

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Here are 10 Ideas for America’s Churches on “Children’s Day”

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The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church has been observing Children's Day on the second Sunday in June for more than three decades.

As Director of Children’s Ministries (VARICK’S CHILDREN) I have prepared a Children’s Day Order of Worship/Message as well as two workshops based on the theme “Jesus is Our Example.”  You may find a copy of the materials on the website - click on Ministries, then click on VARICK’S CHILDREN, then click on Children’s Day 2011.

Thank you for what you are doing to make Children’s Day a day for all to celebrate children.

— Dr. Helen C. Scott-Carter, Director of Children’s Ministries/VARICK’S CHILDREN, CED/AME Zion Church

National Children’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate children. It gives us a moment to realize that children are a special miracle in our lives. It gives us a chance to inspire our children with positive information to build their self esteem and teach them about Character, Courage, Contribution and Commitment. It reminds us to be a great example for them as they grow up so they can learn to make the right choices, follow their Dreams, learn from their struggles, and become true winners in life.

— Rudy Ruettiger, motivational speaker, author, inspiration behind the movie RUDY

As a Professional Association for Christian educators in both public and private schools we see the importance of encouraging the children of this nation who like no other time in history often find themselves without hope. We encourage, equip, and empower our members to share the hope they have through their faith with their charges.

  • Children’s Day points to the importance of our children as the leaders and parents of tomorrow. From a Christian worldview they are of great importance:
  • “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in
  • my name welcomes me… Let the little children
  • come to me, and do not hinder them, for the
  • kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”
  • — Jesus

— Finn Laursen, former executive director, Christian Educators Association International

“Children’s Day” is worthy of everyone’s support and attention. Children are our nation’s most important resource for the future; and they deserve a day where we re-commit ourselves to invest in their spiritual and moral development. I am heartened by these “Children’s Day” efforts and encourage your church or community to become creative in elevating the needs of children on the second Sunday in June.

— Rev. William John (B.J.) Weber, president, The New York Fellowship

All too often we adults place our children in a Christian silo, totally removed from where adults are celebrating in Big Church. The children get to know their teachers and one or two other adults, but that’s about it. To rework a cliché, it does take a whole church to disciple a child. Adults will model Christ. Some will help financially. Some will smile and know children’s names. Some will ask interesting questions and listen to the answers. Some will send postcards on business trips. Children’s Day makes this whole community plan visible in two directions. First, adults are reminded of the importance of children in the life of the church. And, most importantly, children become more secure in the knowledge that “Yes, I am loved. I belong here.”

— Marlene LeFever, vice president education development, Cook Communications Ministries

  • June 10 is National Children’s Day and I can just imagine many parents saying “But isn't every day ‘Children’s Day’?” That’s at least what I used to say to my children when they would protest about not having a special day just for them like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. However, there are many thousands of children in our own neighborhoods who don’t ever feel like there is a special day for them because of their home situation. In the book “The 13th Generation” by Neil Howe and Bill Strauss we read that:
  • Every day, over 2,500 children witness the divorce or separation of their parents.
  • Every day, 90 kids... are committed to foster homes.
  • Every day, 13 Americans age 15-24 commit suicide, and another sixteen are murdered.
  • Every day, the typical 14 year old watches 3 hours of TV and does 1 hour of homework.
  • Every day, over 2,200 kids drop out of school.
  • Every day, 3,610 teenagers are assaulted, 630 are robbed and 80 are raped.
  • Every day over 100,000 high school students bring guns to school.
  • Of 28 Students in any given classroom...
  • 8 have struggled with or are currently struggling with pornography addiction
  • 7 have parents that are divorced at least once
  • 4 have struggled with sexually acting out
  • 3 have had a history of drugs/alcohol
  • 2 have struggled with an eating disorder
  • 1 is diagnosed with a chemically related personality disorder
  • 1 has struggled with suicidal thoughts and/or attempted

Clearly, today’s child is “at risk” and it is time that we pledged together as people of faith to love, cherish, nurture and affirm children - whether they are our own children or simply those in our community. One day these children will be the leaders and decision makers for our country. The need to cherish and nurture them is great. Let’s do it!

— Mickie O’Donnell, past president Children’s Ministries of America and co-author of “Workshop Wonders: The Ultimate Guide to Rotation Sunday School” (Jan. 2005, Cook Communications Ministries)

Every year in our churches, most of us honor mothers on Mother’s Day, the second Sunday in May. Often we honor fathers on the third Sunday in June. But very few of us set aside a special day to honor children.

Many years ago my home church celebrated Children’s Day on the second Sunday in June by letting the children’s choir have its grand finale for the season on that day. However, I don’t recall that the adults did anything special for the kids.

Mothers get cards and corsages on Mother’s Day, sometimes they get breakfast in bed, and their families may take them out for dinner. At church, their children read poems and sing songs for them, and there is often a Mother/Daughter Banquet. On Father’s Day dads might get cards, ties, and a favorite meal.

Wouldn’t it be cool if roles were reversed for Children’s Day? Parents could make cards for their kids and treat them to favorite meals. The congregation or adult worship leaders might sing some of the kids’ favorite Sunday school songs, and all kids could be given a gift such as a little flower to plant.

When we show our children how special they are to us, they begin to understand that they are special to God as well. On June 10, 2007, let’s see how many ways we can find to honor our kids. And just as we say at Christmas, let’s keep the love and spirit of the season going all year long.

Kids are a gift from God. How pleased God would be if we made a commitment to find at least one way each day to give our love and time to honor all of the lively gifts he’s given us!

— Betty Free Swanberg, retired children’s book editor

Life moves so fast. We all run past our kids in order to do things that seem so important. I praise God for this Children’s Day initiative. It makes us slow down a bit and think about what really is important. Our children are so full of potential and they are hard-wired to connect with their parents. They want a vital relationship with mom and dad. My prayer is that Children’s Day will help to turn the hearts of moms and dads back to their children in real and loving ways.

— Rev. Jeff Moore, senior pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Aurora, Ill.

Feature: Children’s Day song

Mr. Dan developed a national Children’s Day song that was released in 2006 and was revised in 2011.
Hear Mr. Dan’s “I Love Being A Kid.” Visit Mr. Dan at








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